Community Outreach Partner

Community Outreach Partner

The mission of the Foundation for Academic Endeavors is to provide empowering educational experiences for low-income children and families and to build a community that realizes its full potential. It is supported by a network that encourages leadership and lifelong learning experiences. FAE works to promote a multi-cultural, inclusive identity. Working together to affect change in local communities, the Board, volunteers, and staff stand in solidarity with those working to pursue their dreams and goals.

The FAE Summer Academy grew out of a partnership of Lutheran and Episcopal churches across Western Washington, including Christ Church. An idea sparked by two Dreamers and their youth leaders began as a day camp program at La Iglesia de la Resurreccion Episcopal Church in Mount Vernon and grew into a program that has served over 1,000 low-income pre-school through ninth-grade students on the campus of Skagit Valley College with a five-week STEM and literacy program.

For the past several years, The Red Door Thrift Shop has offered financial support to help the mission of FAE.

Community Outreach Partner


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